1. Resume
1.1     TITLE: “The Death Effect”
1.2    GENRE: Dark Comedy
1.3    FORMAT:  lineal narration.
1.4    LENGTH OF EPISODE: 90 minutes
1.5    TAGET: Men and women between 18 and 60 years’ old

1.2 TAGLINE: "You can be someone else. Being yourself.”

1.3 STORYLINE: A man suffers from male pattern boldness so he decides to pretend to be a Jew to use a Kipa to hide it. This decision will affect his life in a good way, or not.

Adam Dillon is an ordinary man with an ordinary life and when he starts developing male patter boldness, he feels he is losing the only good thing in his life, his good looks. Adam tries all kind of treatments y miracle remedies that don´t work. One day when he is walking at Brooklyn’s bridge he sees a group of Hassidic Jews walking back from the service and he suddenly has an idea. 
Adam moves from Astoria to South Williamsburg where he will start his new life as a “Jew”. Before doing this, he prepares himself by visiting vintage stores and the salvation army stores to buy mementos once own by Jew’s families. He made himself a story – he is from a Dutch family, his grandparents died in the holocaust, he is an only child, his father died when he was young of a heart attack. He and his mother used to live in Haifa, until his mother died- so he moves to Brooklyn to start over.

In Brooklyn, he starts working in Zalman Kamesky’s Real State Agency. Kamesky is a Jew businessman that will help him. Soon Adam start to shine in the company and he becomes his right-hand man. When a big project comes to the company several new employees start working in it, among them is Sarah Coehn, an accountant and Zalman´s god-daughter. She is a nice jew girl and he feels in love with her. Quickly their relationship start building up she starts realizing that he doesn´t know the rituals, but she let it go. In another occasion, while walking around Manhattan they find someone he used to know in his previous life and to whom he pretends don’t know him. Sarah suspect about Adam, but she doesn´t want to accept it, until the night he takes her to his apartment and found out he is not circumcised. He is scared she will abandon him, but she doesn´t matter and stays with him.


2.1 MAIN

ADAM DILLON: a gentile man with a mediocre life and when he starts losing his hair he feels he will lose everything that he still has. Adam tries everything to stop his problem, but nothing works. One day while walking through Brooklyn’s Bridge he sees a group of Hassidic coming back from the synagogue, in that instant he had the idea to buy clothes and a Kipa and move to South Williamsburg. So, he writes himself a new story where he comes from a Dutch family. 
The community quickly accepts him and he start getting use to the kosher life and becomes a successful member of the community with money and attractive to women, specially Sarah Coehn.

SARAH COEHN.- An accountant in the Real State company, a nice Jewish girl, smart, storng and capable to get what she wants.


ZALMAN KAMESKY: A leader in the community in Brooklyn, successful businessman. He becomes Adam’s mentor


•    People he knew before the conversion
•    Work mates

2.4 UNIVERSE AND CONTEXT: Jews neighborhoods in Brooklyn, which is one of the biggest jew´s communities in the USA. In this area 37% of this Jews identify themselves as Hassadic otr Orthodox, which mean they are a very traditional community.


3.1 TREATMENT: Indie Film in black and white

3.2 LOCATIONS: Brooklyn – North Williamsburg, Downtown Brooklyn, Prospect Park and Flatbush. Manhattan- midtown and downtown.