1. Resume
1.1     TITLE: “The Death Effect”
1.2    FORMAT:  lineal narration, with the support of Flashbacks
1.4    LENGTH OF EPISODE: 40 minutes
1.5    TAGET: Men and women between 18 and 60 years’ old

1.2 TAGLINE: Death is the only sure investment.


A new money couple, that always has been interested in art decide to become patron of artist in New York City with their new found fortune. They generosity and extravagance make them fit perfectly in this world and making the world to oversee their lack of polish.  After a bad investment they lost their money and there are worry to lose their beloved art and status, when an artist discovers their new circumstances he wants his pieces back and the couple accidently killed them. Scare they try to make the death look like an accident to save themselves. After the police declare the death an accident the price of the artist’s work raises and gives them a huge profit. This gives them the idea to kill the artist of whom they own pieces to make profit.


Bruce Reed is a whiz kid of the web; he is a self-made millionaire. He and his wife Donna has always been interested in the world of art, but they lack of talent and now have found a way to become part of this world by becoming patrons of the arts. They provide so well and entertain the crop of cream that everyone overlooks their lack of polish or taste. The Reeds are living the American dream.

Bruce has taken everything for granted and now he is over confident with his success and luck. Donna has become used to spend money in art as an investment, she is the only person in which Bruce trust. One day this easy money investment appears, out of greed both decide to take it and end losing everything. The Reeds are suddenly unable to keep their life style or to pay their debts. 
One of the artist gets tired because they haven’t paid for his last piece he goes to demand payment or to take his work back, they struggle and accidently the artist die. Scare the Reeds try to cover the crime making it look like and accidental death in the artist’s studio.

When the body is discovered and the death is declared an accident, and the Reeds can continue free with their life. Soon the price of the work skyrocket giving them a huge profit. Donna sees the business in this and decided to capitalize the murder as a way to make money out of the art they own.
The murders are assign to detective Garret Smith, and old dog of the force that never had a chance to break a case and who is about to retire. He suspects there is something more behind all this murders, but he don´t understand this world. He asks his daughter, Cristina, for help. Cristina is an art student, who decide to help him because the first death artist was his teacher, mentor and boyfriend. Cristina teach her father about art so he can understand the killer and so she can get closer to him. She knows her father doesn´t approve her career path because he is afraid for her future. 

With each murder Bruce and Donna become more and more creative, they even saw the kills as a form of art making each of them unique and different. Garret believe all are connected, the police doesn´t believe it because the M.O keeps changing. Garret is obsessed with the cases because he knows this will prove that he is a good cop, but his obsession can also backfire putting what is left of his career, his relationship with his daughter and his sanity in danger.


2.1 MAIN

BRUCE REED. – A thirty something, whiz kid. He made a fortune starting over a series of web business and sale them. He meets his wife, Donna, in college before he drops it to start his first online business. He is over confident and cocky mas., he believes in luck more than talent.

DONNA REED. – Bruce Reed’s wife. She has B.A in Art history, but she doesn’t have any artist talent. She doesn’t really work, she’s is her husband advisor and art consultant. She is the one eager to be part of artistic community. She is the Mater mind behind the murders.

GARRET SMITH. – A middle age man, a mediocre detective that never have a chance. He is a widower, who lives with his daughter, Cristina – an art student.  Cristina and Garret had a very complex relationship, he is not happy with her daughter career path because he is afraid for her.  He has been on desk duty for years, the police assign him the artist case because they believe he will close it soon with no investigation.


CRISTINA SMITH. – Only daughter of Garret and Josselyn Smith. She is an art student in NYU. She has a relationship with one of her teachers, he is the first artist kill by the Reeds. She is also a talented artist.

ARTIST. Real and fake artist to perform as victims.


Twenty first century New York City. The art world of New York is a vibrant and glamorous world in which only the best, the elite are accepted and which has inspired and endless number of books, tv shows, song and plays.


The season will be a mouse and cat game, in which we will see how the Reeds climb to the top and loose everything, how in the despair of the situation they committed their first murder. After the murder is declare and accident, they decide to capitalized the murders and kill the artist of whom they own a piece. The police assign Garret Smith to the case, he is a mediocre detective looking for one last chance in the force. Garret believe there is something more behind the deaths even when the rest of the force doesn’t. This case present two opportunities one is leave the force in the top and improve his relationship with his strange daughter. 

At the same time the reeds become more and more creative with the killings. They believe murder is their art so each crime scene and M.O. are different, that´s why the police dismisses Garret’s theory of a serial killer and dismiss the case.


T.1 E.1 Beginning Donna and Bruce are the newest patrons of the arts in NYC and they had achieve quite a collection. At the same time Garret is worry by his inminet retire. And the Reed lost their fortune in a bad investment.
T.1 E.2 Jacob´s Ladder The Reeds are desperate looking for a solution after lossing their money. Garret looks for an excuse to get close to his daughter. An artista want his money, after the Reeds fail to pay him, they fight and accidently the artis died.
T.1 E.3 The persistence of Memory The Reeds try to hide the body and make it look like an accident in the artist’s studio. When the body is discovered, the police assign Garret to it. The force wants him to close it and declare it an accident. The artist’s work increases its value and the Reeds make a huge profit.
T.1 E.4 Number 1ª The Reeds decide to start killing each artist of whom they own a piece. Their second murder is clumsy and it is hard for them make it look as an accident.
T.1 E.5 Drowning Girl A Red hook artist is found dead in his bathtub. Garret suspect of a serial killer and decide to get help from his daughter Cristina.
T.1 E.6 Orange Car Crash Fourteen Times The Reeds host an auction of the pieces of the death artist, they realize that if they continue with this plan they will run out of art quickly. Donna figures a plan to make it without warning the police.
T.1 E.7 Broadway Boogie Woogie In a Chelsea gala, the Reeds found their new victim after found out they poses big part of the catalog of this new hot artist
T.1 E.8 State Park Cristina confess that she is only helping her father because she was in love with the first victim and she wants justice. Art actions are suspended by the police because garret suspects it will get the attention of the serial killer.
T.1 E.9 Early Sunday Morning Bruce want to stop with the murders, but Donna convince him that killing is their talent and their media to express themselves, their art.
T.1 E.10 Crack is Wack After choosing their next victim, they get to the studio just t found the artist already dead. They don’t know what to do.
T.1 E.11 The city rises The artist of the city is scare; they might be the next victim of the auction murder.
T.1 E.12 The Lovers Flash back episode – back stories.
T.1 E.13 Christina’s World Cristina sells her first major piece. Garret is worried she might become the next victim of the killer.